Data Engineering Immersion Day


Data Engineering

What is a Data Engineering Immersion Day?

Data Engineering Immersion Day is a customizable AWS experience delivered by solutions architects and account managers. This immersion day takes AWS customers and partners to build journey of Serverless Datalake solution in AWS. Data Engineering Immersion Day has hands-on lab and modules focus on ingestion, hydration, exploration, and consumption of the data lake in AWS.

Benefits of a Data Engineering Immersion Day

For customers and partners, Data Engineering Immersion day allows hands-on time with AWS big data and analytics services including Amazon Kinesis Services for streaming data ingestion and analytics, AWS Data Migration service for batch data ingestion, AWS Glue for data catalog and run ETL on Data lake, Amazon Athena to query data lake and Amazon Quicksight for visualization. This Immersion day helps customers and partners to build a cloud-native and future-proof serverless data lake with SA guidance for their particular use cases. For SAs, the Immersion Day provides pre-created modules and labs that can be delivered to the customer and partner without rework.


There must be a real opportunity in Salesforce, ideally with an identified pilot or POC. In addition, a specific opportunity outcome should be identified for the Immersion Day with a customer commitment.

You will select the date and venue, and invite architects, developers, and management to participate in an immersive AWS experience, which can include up to 9 modules and hands-on immersion labs.

Some videos for reference:

Build Data Engineering Platforms with Amazon EMR