DataBrew Pre-Lab Setup

DataBrew - Pre-Lab Setup

If you are part of an AWS event, you don’t need to run this lab. Please check the necessary details in your Event Engine Team Dashboard under 5. Glue DataBrew section


  • Introduction
  • CloudFormation Stack Deployment


In this lab, we will be using AWS Glue DataBrew to explore a dataset in S3, and to clean and prepare the data.

To do this, we will first set up an IAM role to use in DataBrew, and an S3 bucket for the results from the DataBrew jobs.

CloudFormation Stack Deployment

  1. Click the Deploy to AWS icon below to create the AWS resources for the DataBrew lab.

  1. Check the box “I acknowledge that …”, then click on “Create Stack” to create the stack

In case you aren’t able to launch the quick create stack, you can download the template file and then follow the steps to create stack manually.

  1. Once your stack is deployed, click the Outputs tab to view more information

    Note the values for DatasetS3Path, DataBrewLabRole and DataBrewOutputS3Bucket which will be used in the lab.

Congratulations! You are all done with the CloudFormation deployment.